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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Oct 30, 2019

It is 1422. Thrice now the Czechs have beaten a Crusade called to subjugate them under the yoke of Zikmund of Luxemburg and the papacy he controls.

But what will they do with this victory? What *can* they do and how did this happen in the first place? Join us in this action-packed episode concluding the Hussite wars.

Sep 28, 2019

Václav IV., Czech and Roman King, is dead. A stroke killed him only weeks after the tensions between reformists and papal loyalists broke into open conflict.

His heir is his half-brother, Zikmund, King of Hungary and Croatia; but Zikmund had spent the past ten years reconsolidating the fractured Latin church under his...

Aug 30, 2019

The Golden Age of Czech Kingdom is coming to an end.

Between a disease epidemic, economic struggles, political machinations and religious schism, there is enough to weigh down the Luxemburgs' crowned heads. And it is obvious, none of Karel IV.'s sons took after their father. As they fumble through a situation that only...

Jul 28, 2019

Every motherland needs its father - and in 14th century the Czech lands are about to get one of their very own.

Despite not being a Přemyslid in the male line, "the foreigner king's" son will embrace the heritage and legacy of his mother's house and build the declining kingdom back up. 

With the imperial political...

Jun 29, 2019

A seven-year-old king without a proper regent sounds like a recipe for disaster. But in the Czech kingdom of late 13th century one such young man - Václav II. - grows up into a surprisingly accomplished ruler, who is able to remedy the sins of the lawless years.

As the face of the central European politics once again...