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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Jan 28, 2019

With Moravia trampled under the hooves of the Magyar steppe warriors and Frankish Empire struggling to pull itself together after yet another succession dispute, the time has come for up until then insignificant tribe settled in the middle of the Bohemian Basin to take the reins of the fate of the Czech lands.

From the legendary beginnings through the first historical records, we follow the rise of the Czech tribe and their ruling Přemyslid dynasty of princes on their quest to unite the neighboring tribes and form a successor state to the late Great Moravia.

We talk about prince Bořivoj, who was the first to accept baptism and bring Christianity to be the universal religion of his land and his wife Ludmila, who became the first Slavic woman to achieve sainthood; their grandsons (Saint) Václav, whose reputation of piety and wisdom would long outlive him, and Boleslav the Cruel, who ascended the throne through murder, only to repent and start a wave of reforms which would become the cornerstone of the first true Czech state. We also follow the foundation of the first Czech bishopric and the fate of its second bishop Vojtěch.

Over the course of the episode we mention the first four patron saints of the Czech lands - Vitus, Ludmila, Václav and Vojtěch, and finally we find out, what the Czechs sing instead of the English carol "Good King Wenceslaus" and why.