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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Jun 29, 2019

A seven-year-old king without a proper regent sounds like a recipe for disaster. But in the Czech kingdom of late 13th century one such young man - Václav II. - grows up into a surprisingly accomplished ruler, who is able to remedy the sins of the lawless years.

As the face of the central European politics once again changes, the crown of Poland and crown of Hungary just might land on Přemyslid heads as well... if they play the political cards right.

But what will happen to the kingdom, when Václav III. survives his father for little more than a year? Will any of his brothers in law be able to pick up the Přemyslid kingly mantle and make the Czech lands his own?

Join us to see how important princesses and queens become, when there are no more strong males left.