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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Jul 28, 2019

Every motherland needs its father - and in 14th century the Czech lands are about to get one of their very own.

Despite not being a Přemyslid in the male line, "the foreigner king's" son will embrace the heritage and legacy of his mother's house and build the declining kingdom back up. 

With the imperial political scene tangled and pulled every which way, the papacy "held hostage" in Avignon, the domestic royal coffers all but depleted and the Czech nobility as recalcitrant as ever, it will be no small feat to get everything back on track.

How long and successful will his reign really be? Will his reforms spark a Golden Age, or just another riot?

Join us as we scrutinize the life and time of Karel IV. - the Greatest Czech and Father of the country.