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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Mar 1, 2019

It is the year 1000AD, and the Czech lands are now united under the rule of the Přemyslid dynasty of Bohemia. From humble origins, the Přemyslid princes have created a unitary Christian monarchy that was strong enough to preserve its autonomy and Slavic culture against both raids by warrior nomads from Hungary and repeated invasions from the Holy Roman Empire.

But this is a fragile state; the country is held together not yet by a shared national identity, but merely by shared loyalty and reverence towards the ruling dynasty. What happens when this dynasty attempts to tear itself apart several times over?

Join us today, as the Czech lands endure dynastic strife, are forced to take sides between the emperor and the pope in the investiture controversy, and their princes struggle to elevate themselves above their neighbours in dignity and don the royal crown.