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Narrative podcast of Czech history for an English-speaking audience

Aug 30, 2019

The Golden Age of Czech Kingdom is coming to an end.

Between a disease epidemic, economic struggles, political machinations and religious schism, there is enough to weigh down the Luxemburgs' crowned heads. And it is obvious, none of Karel IV.'s sons took after their father. As they fumble through a situation that only seems to go from bad to worse, one of them turns to hunting and frivolity, while the other prefers abductions and intrigue - which earns them the respective nicknames of "the Drunkard and the Fox".

While the two rival brothers ponder which pope is the right one to get the imperial crown from and how much will it cost them, a reform movement decrying all of them sprouts under their noses.

And a single preacher gains an unprecedented following, by admonishing people to find the truth, return to it and stick with it, even in spite of the Church and her doctrines.

Join us, as we delve into one of the most tumultuous (and therefore interesting) times of the Czech history.